383481_348102705244130_1590934437_nI wanted to teach at the South Tulsa YMCA for a few reasons.  First of all, it’s a great community center. It offers a lot of programs for kids, seniors, and everyone in between.  The Y is an affordable option for fitness and there are a lot of locations around town.  There is truly something for everyone!  The Y offers child care, aquatics, yoga, Zumba, weights, tai chi- if you are looking for a fitness class, check out their online schedule, because it really is an impressive list of classes!
I have been a member on and off since I was a little kid, swimming in the pool at the Bixby Y.  I can even remember pedaling a tricycle around the old YMCA in downtown Bixby!  The YMCA was also there for me when I had a new little one and needed an hour of quality child care so I could enjoy a yoga class occasionally.  I wanted to give back to the community what it had given to me just a few years ago, by teaching the classes that I used to attend as a student. The YMCA was very open to creating classes that I genuinely was excited to teach!  I wanted to teach yin and restorative classes.  I wanted to teach some free flow, power-inspired classes.  I was so excited when they offered the opportunity to teach Yoga For Golf.  I was over the moon about teaching a hip hop yoga class!
Yoga for Golf has been a learning experience.  I originally planned it to be a class full of warriors and lunges.  After chatting with the students, I found that several had injuries or were not actually golfers.  I’m honestly more of a ride in the cart, enjoy the weather kind of non-golfer.  I appreciate the sport and I enjoyed attending the Phoenix Open and I really have enjoyed anytime I have been on a course, at a tournament or just tagging along for 18 holes,  I am a proficient arm chair golfer- I can watch golf, enjoy the commentary and the views, and nap like a pro!  Anyways, I reimagined this athletic class as more of a yin class that focused on alignment and hip flexor health.  It has been calming, relaxing, and enjoyable to teach.  I think my students are enjoying it as well!  Please feel free to join us for an imaginary tee time at the South Tulsa YMCA on 101 and Yale on Tuesday mornings.
On Tuesday evenings, we turn it up and have a fun Hip Hop Yoga class.  Everyone asks, “hip hop yoga?! How does that even work?!”  Well, I am not a dancer.  I’m a music fan.  We relax and meditate a bit, maybe listen to Frank Ocean or Rhianna. I create a playful yoga sequence and we have some laughs.  The musical selection varies from Beyoncé to acoustic versions of Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” to Michael Jackson, and even Snoop Dogg.  It has been so much fun to chat about music and to see everyone smile as they practice yoga poses.