Today I was interviewed by the upcoming Awaken Wellness & Yoga Festival in Fayetteville, AR (This coming May – I am so excited to be teaching there!) Here is a recap of the tips I gave them! Go like their Facebook Page and give the Website a look!


“If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a bit of a hangover after National Wine Day, here are a five ways to get back on track!

1.) Hydrate – water, of course, but aloe juice is fantastic! Aloe juice mixed w water and lemon can be great also. Bonus points for adding fresh mint. This can be made in advance and stored in your fridge before you go out at night and enjoyed before bed, as well as when you wake up! It also is helpful for headaches and puffiness if you cover your eyes with a small towel that has icy mint water on it.
2.) Stretch! Slowly… And remember to take long, deep, even breaths. Yogi Tara Stiles has a fantastic 4 minute Hangover Recovery video on YouTube.
3.) Brunch! Or, for a speedy refuel, try one of these smoothie recipes! a) chocolate vegan protein powder, chocolate hemp milk, fresh or frozen cherries, peanut butter, and banana or avocado or b) kale/spinach, apple, banana/avocado, fresh or frozen berries and aloe juice (you can even use your mint & aloe that you have been enjoying to continue rehydrating on the go!)
4.) Bath or shower- use an Epsom salt soak or scrub to replenish magnesium
5.) Rest! Meditate and focus on your breath, even if you only have a few moments before you have to rush off to work, the time spent pausing to reset your breath and refocus your intentions will help shake off stress and anxiety.
Please be safe and don’t over indulge. Responsible drinking is more than just taking a taxi. It’s not hurting your body, damaging your relationships, or feeling terrible the next day. Life is a lot more fun if you can hang out with friends and still make it to hot yoga in the morning!?”

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